Migration agency

TOTM Migration is a boutique migration consultancy dedicated to assisting people make their migration dreams a reality.  With a long history of providing thorough and personalised immigration assistance to people from all around the world, we pride ourselves in providing a service with genuine care, empathy, and understanding.

The heart and essence of our migration agency is an honest and a demonstrated desire to make a difference in people’s lives and assist them to obtain a better life.


TOTM Migration began in (insert date) and has since grown to meet demand and changing times. Gavin and Nat built their unique approach to providing migration services through their experience operating our sister business, Techs On The Move.  For over a decade, Techs On The Move has been dedicated to helping skilled automotive tradespeople from all around the world migrate to Australia, simultaneously assisting Australian businesses to fill much needed vacant positions in their company owing to the significant skill shortages being experienced throughout Australia.

Not only are we the leading migration agency in Australia specialising in the automotive industry, but the years of experience, and the journey therein, has allowed us to gain vital experience across a wide range of visas (including skilled and partner visas) but also across a whole range of complexities that can arise throughout the process, such as health and character issues.