Australian Visa Refusal Support

TOTM Migration is a Registered Migration Agency with years of experience preparing and lodging visas for a broad range of clients, but we do our best work when things get tough. Unlike Australia’s big migration firms that relay on pushing through lots of applications as quickly as possible, we want to keep ourselves dedicated to clients we stand to serve best.

If you’ve got a complicated migration situation, or if you’ve been refused a visa and don’t know what to do next, we could be perfect for you.

TOTM Migration’s consultants are happy to discuss any Australian visa questions or concerns, but complex cases are our true focus. In particular, we specialise in:

    • PIC 4020 waivers (Public Interest Criteria). These are necessary where an applicant has unintentionally or mistakenly failed to disclose information, provided a document which the Department of Home Affairs considers not to be genuine, or returned a false answer in a visa application which the Department considers to be misleading, all of which may lead to a denial of visa. The stakes are high as a visa refusal on PIC 4020 cases can prevent an applicant from being granted another visa for up to ten years. PIC 4020 waiver cases need to be handled very carefully, including for example PIC 4020 waiver partner visa cases.
    • Health waivers. A health waiver is only available for certain visas, and should be used where a visa applicant has pre-existing health conditions that might impact the likelihood of a visa grant based on Department of Home Affairs policy, which is not widely published.
    • Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) preparation and representation for appeals. If a visa application process has gone unexpectedly wrong, an appeal for visa refusal to the AAT might be necessary to get the right result. However, not all decisions are eligible for visa refusal appeal and strict timeframes apply in making applications for a visa refusal appeal in Australia.
    • Notice of intent to cancel (NOIC). The stakes are high when a visa holder is informed that they may have their visa cancelled, and making the right move next when you’re facing visa cancellation in Australia is critical.
    • Schedule 3 waivers. This is a very powerful part of the Australian Government’s migration legislation that can impact a new visa application being approved subsequent to certain events having occurred previously. It’s extremely complicated and each case needs to be carefully considered.
    • Section 48 bar. If you’ve been unlucky enough to have received a visa refusal whilst you’re in Australia on a bridging visa, you’ll be prevented from applying for certain visas whilst you remain in the country. Knowing how to navigate this complex part of the law is critical in finding a tailored solution.

Why do we focus on these migration cases?

TOTM Migration understands that getting reliable advice that is easy to understand and make decisions with can be very difficult, especially when you’ve had a rejected visa. We’ve often heard from our clients that they have been told conflicting things by other agents, or that they have been told that their cases are not worth considering. We know that dealing with visa refusal and other issues is stressful, and we enjoy helping those who have a lot on the line with their visa application.

What makes us different?

You’ll never be a number with TOTM Migration. We don’t have hundreds (or thousands) of clients, and we don’t have to manage a large number of migration agents in our own business. We don’t look at someone with a partner visa refused (for example) and put them in the “too hard basket” – we’re ready to jump in and try to sort it out.

Shouldn’t I hire a lawyer?

In some migration situations it is absolutely necessary to hire a lawyer. However, people often make the very understandable mistake of assuming that only visa refusal lawyers can solve their migration issues, as the difference between a lawyer and a (good) Registered Migration Agent is not immediately clear.
The Department of Home Affairs determine visa outcomes according to their own departmental policy. They refer to government legislation, but policy is far more important in reaching a visa outcome. Importantly, policy is not publicly available, and lawyers do not specialise in interpreting Department of Home Affairs policy – this is what Registered Migration Agents are qualified to do. As migration specialists we don’t stretch to tax law or family law or any other legal sector, so you stand to receive very targeted support from a Registered Migration Agent like TOTM Migration. We also complete case work for fixed charges with a focus on the outcome, rather than billing in 6 minute intervals and charging every time we speak on the phone!

Contacting us

If you have a challenging Australian migration case, or you would like to apply for a visa but expect there might be some challenges, we encourage you to reach out. There are no fees or obligations for getting in touch – we’ll happily take the time to understand your situation and goals, then offer some preliminary advice before figuring out the next steps through direct consultation. We’re here to help.

 Please click here to email us directly for enquiries, or call or text Gavin on +61 437 041 154 or Nat on +61 429 468 754